How to choose carpet for home?

Please choose the best home carpet for children, Nothing is more important than providing children with a safe and comfortable place to play!

Usually, it’s a bit tricky to decide anything for ourselves, especially for home, when you are fond of making your home more beautiful and attractive. On the other hand, if the product is available in lots of varieties and qualities. Then it takes a long time for deciding the colour, size, product materials and durability.

There is no secret that there are how many types of floor covering are available. In which tiles, granites, marbles and carpets are included. Moreover, there are various varieties available in all the floor products.

plane carpet for home

Among all the varieties, the task becomes more complicated. What to choose for a long life span? What will suit in the hall? Which colour should I try? And another related thought that comes to mind.

In this article, I will help you to choose a perfect floor match for your home. And also, aware you with few basic rules that must keep in mind while choosing a floor covering.



Many people think that carpet is bad for asthma and allergies. However, the situation is quite the opposite. Studies have consistently shown that carpets can actually improve indoor air quality in a variety of ways. If you use home carpet, it can isolate dust and allergens from the air we breathe. In short, things that fall on the carpet (dust, pet dander, and many other particles) tend to be trapped until they are removed by vacuuming or suction cleaning. The smooth floor surface allows dust and other allergens to collect and recirculate to the breathing zone.


Safe and comfortable

There is no secret that how many carpets are safe and comfortable as compared to hard surfaces. You might have run and walked on hard surfaces like wood and marbles and may observe aches in your feet. This is the cause of the hardness and cold properties of the surface.

Even standing for a long time on any hard surface can cause pain and ache in your feet. Another side in the case of home carpet and rug provides you a smooth feeling while walking or standing for a long time.

Moreover, carpets are warm and absorbent in nature. You may observe the sound of your steps while walking and feel a vibration while watching movies with high volume. The reason behind It is, hard surfaces can’t absorb sounds. They resist them to pass.

On the other side, if we use home carpet, carpets can easily absorb the sound created by your steps and provide you a quiet and calm feeling.



Ranges vary with quality and type of material. An attractive and good-quality carpet can be costlier, while a dark-coloured and low-quality tile might be cheap in price. Usually, carpets are economical and inexpensive as compared to tiles and marble. Along with, there are lots of colours and qualities are available in carpets. Which can attract upcoming visitors and guests to your home.

Along with, carpets are smooth in walking, warm in nature and avoids slipping and falling accidents. On the other side, hard surfaces are more slippery and full of risk if you have older parents and school-aged children, which can cause money loss and lives.

What is the best home carpet?

When we decided to use carpet to decorate our home. Then we will face the next problem, how to choose a home carpet. First of all we need to know, There is no best, only the most suitable. We can choose the most suitable home carpet according to different places of use.

let’s start with the entrance doormat. You might have seen many welcoming mats that may be good in appearance but might not be enough in their functionality. The primary function of the entrance mat is to absorb all the dust and wastewater coming with your shoes and footwear.

I have also seen the people who use ordinary cloth carpets at the door entrance for wiping dust and stains, clothing carpets are good enough to wipe all the dust coming with your footwear, but it isn’t easy to clean and reuse.

You can replace your cloth carpet with ribbed carpets or pineapple grain carpets which provide an excellent grip to soaking up all the dust, and it is also easy to clean.

One of the best things that can be used at the entrance door is the floor mat; the floor mat is made up of fiber materials and rubber shit at its back. Fiber material can easily wipe all the debris and dust, and the rubber in its back would help to not be prone to move and skidding. Another side it is easily cleanable and washable.

Usually, everyone wants to make their home more beautiful and well looked at. For which they use more colourful carpets. At the same time, we should choose carpets according to their functionality, to not to get bothered in future for cleaning and washing purposes.

Polyester and fiber carpets can be suitable for your dining room because there is a possibility of spilling liquids and foods, which can leave stains in your other wool carpets, so it would be good to use fiber and polyester to be easy to clean.

You can also use 100% polyester velour carpet here.

Living room - Wool & nylon carpet

The living room is the place where we spent most of our time; it is the single platform where you enjoy with your friends, play with your family and connect with relatives. This thing shows that how important a hall plays a role in our life.

You must hear that said, “the first impression is the last impression”. That’s why your living room must be more attractive and eye-catchy for your all guests and visitors. Wool and nylon furnishing carpets can provide you with an impressive furnishing and required aesthetic.

Living room - Wool & nylon carpet

The bedroom is the single place where we start and end our day, and that’s the reason that we don’t think about the budget and all when it comes to the bedroom. Usually, people like and use carpets for their unprecedented quality and reasonable price. There is no secret that good quality carpets are still inexpensive and captivating as compared to other hard surfaces.

Most peoples give their priority to wool and rugs. You also know that there are no secret that how many rugs and wool carpets provide you with a luxurious and calm feeling. But there is one more quality that you can use in your bedroom, that is jacquard carpets.

Jacquard carpets are available in verities of colour and designs, in addition to which, you can easily choose their breadth according to your requirements.

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