How To Choose Event Carpet?

When you want to host a gorgeous event, then the event carpet is essential for you.
In the event, the carpet will not only improve the grade and beauty, but also bring a comfortable experience to the guests.
Now the event carpets are not only used for celebrity events and dance parties, but also more and more widely used for family and business activities.
Event carpets can be used to decorate the scene for store openings, gallery exhibitions, weddings, birthday parties and anniversaries.
Let your event impress the guests (and yourself!) the most.
So how to choose the right carpet for your event?

Wedding Event Carpet

The history of laying carpets in wedding events can be traced back hundreds of years. In order to have an unforgettable wedding, people lay carpets on the site of the wedding. The color of the event carpet must be matched with the wedding theme.

For indoor weddings, we generally recommend the red event carpet. Red event carpets are commonly used in royal events, which will make people feel magnificent and luxurious. Imagine the bride and groom wearing decent suits and wedding dresses walking on the red event carpets, experiencing the greatest joys and surprises in life, and recalling the moments of love. This is such an unforgettable thing.

For outdoor lawn weddings, we generally recommend white event carpets. White symbolizes pure love. We use the white event carpet to match the green lawn to bring you and your friends a fresh feeling, as if you have returned to nature. High-heeled shoes in the wedding are always the bride’s fixed collocation, so laying event carpet are indispensable, the event carpet can make the outdoor ground become flat. This will make the bride’s walk easier and no longer worry about falling. A pure white wedding is also unforgettable.

Exhibition Event Carpet

In order to attract the attention of customers more in the exhibition, exhibitors have higher and higher requirements for booth decoration.
Exhibition event carpets can bring customers a better experience and improve the brand’s grade.
Let you stand out in the exhibition.
For different exhibition activities, we usually recommend exhibition event carpets of different colors.

If it’s an exhibition of mechanical products, we recommend the use of gray exhibition carpet, which will make your exhibition more commercial.

If it’s a new product launch event, we recommend using the red exhibition carpet, so that your release will make people feel more high-end.

Blue Runner Carpet For Event

If it’s an exhibition of sports products, we recommend using the blue exhibition carpet, which will make your exhibition more youthful and vigorous.

The Quality Of Carpet Is Equally Important

Whether it is wedding carpets or exhibition carpets, quality is also a point worth considering in our selection.
The most critical point that affects the quality is the gram weight of the carpet, which is usually expressed by the thickness of the carpet for the convenience of understanding.
Thicker carpets are relatively better quality and more durable.

If it’s only for one-time use, then we recommend that you choose the carpets with smaller thickness, and the price will be more favorable, which can fully meet your needs.

If you are an exhibition company and need reusable carpets, then we recommend that you choose a thicker carpet. Although the price will be more expensive, it can be used for a long time and is more suitable for you.

Whether you are looking for wedding event carpets or exhibition event carpets.
We can provide you with customized services in any color and any size, you only need to tell us the color, the width, and length of each roll, the gram weight, or thickness. We will quote for you within 12 hours.
If you need to rental carpets, we will recommend local partners for you.

Overall, when preparing for an upcoming event, using the event carpet is your best choice. Whether you want to create a warmer atmosphere or just want more choices in colors, you can use carpets to meet your event needs.

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