Needle-Punched Carpet For Exhibition Event Decoration

– Needle-Punched carpet for the exhibition, wedding, or party events

– More bright colors to choose from

– Highly flame retardant

– The event carpet with a plastic protective layer. Remove plastic just before the event for a perfect finish every time.

Let's know your need?

The event carpet is an indispensable part of the exhibition. It can make your exhibition look more high-end. Use event carpets of different colors to decorate your exhibition to create a different atmosphere.

Our event carpet adopts needle-punched technology, we can also call it needle-punched carpet. Compared with other carpets (such as wool), it is a very cost-effective and better-looking solution, which is very suitable for areas with very high traffic. Because it is easy to install and economical, it is widely used in exhibition events. At the same time, needle-punched carpet is also an economical and cheap floor covering for offices and commercial areas.

And our event carpet comes with a protective film, so you and your customers don’t have to worry about soiling or damaging the carpet before your exhibition event. The protective film can be removed before the event, to ensure the best state during the start of the exhibition.

The difference from other factories is that our raw materials are made of high-quality flame-retardant polyester, so our carpets also comply with EU fire protection standards and are flame-retardant. This will make your use more secure.

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