Purple Carpet Used To Decorate Wedding Party

– This opulent shade of royal Purple Event Carpet is the perfect pop of color to enhance any luxurious event.

– Material: high-quality polyester.Makes your guests feel very special when they walk up the aisle runner.

– Size: 2.5 m width by 60 m length (and can be customed according to your needs).

– Thickness: 2 mm, thick and durable enough for single use.

Let's know your need?

LANGOOD purple carpet runner for perfect wedding & event to you.

Purple is a commonly used color for royal events. Using a purple carpet runner will definitely create a luxurious and unique feeling for your wedding & event.

Compared to other colors of event carpets (such as gray, blue), purple event carpets are more commonly used for wedding or party. We fully believe that using our runner carpets at your wedding, your invited guests will never forget, especially when you sprinkle colorful flowers on it, your temperament will greatly increase!

Laying runner carpets at the wedding site is already a tradition. There will inevitably be dirt on the concrete or lawn. If you use runner carpets, this can greatly reduce the possibility of the bride’s dress being soiled. If you pursue details and hope to have a perfect wedding, then the runner carpet is a real necessity.

Generally speaking, wedding runway carpets are disposable, because once they are torn by the high heels of the wedding guests, they can no longer be used. Each of us pursues the wedding as perfectly as possible, and most people don’t want to use recycled carpets. Our carpets use environmentally friendly raw materials, which are easily degraded and will not produce peculiar smells. They are truly environmentally friendly carpets. If you are a green person, then you don’t have to worry about how to deal with used carpets.

Of course, we also have high-quality runner carpets, which can meet your long-term and re-use needs. It is thicker and more durable, and of course, the price will be higher. If you are an event planner then this will also be a very nice choice for you.

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